Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Promarker Storage System

Hi everyone
I saw this idea of storing promarkers on Letrasets website and blog hopping and liked the way it looked so this is what I did and I thought I would share it with you.

I bought a Aluminium DJ's 300 CD storage case and
 distressed the outside with Alcohol inks, as you can see its pink and purple and blue in a mottled effect.

Inside I have used the CD sleeves to hold the Promarkers in, you can get 7 in each sleeve and have the complete set of Promarkers (148) and the Spring and Summer Limited Editions and the first four sets of Flexi Markers and  four fine line markers and also some fine tips for the Promarkers which are hidden by the spare sleeves to keep the rows neat and tidy.

Here is a closer look inside all the complete Promarker set has its own name and number code on the ends for easy reference this I got directly from Letraset, I find it so much more easy to find an use my pens, and I hope it inspires others too

Many thanks for looking
Heather x x

This is how it looks now completed

all 148 promarkers
24 limited seasons
6 florescent markers
24 fleximarkers
4 fine line pens
2 white pens
6 promarker fine nib adopter's


  1. What a fab idea, my Promarkers are everywhere. I just had a quick look at these and they come in various sizes - can you tell me how many CD's it was meant to hold when you bought it?

  2. This is fab - I see you used the 300 size too instead of the 200 :-). Great job - I just need all the missing Promarkers now!!
    Pauline x

  3. Hi there - this is fab! I see you used the same zie box as me - 300 CD's - great when you've got some seasonal sets and Flexmarkers as well. I jsut need the missing Promrkers now!
    Pauline x